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Sodankylä is full of natural sights and walking routes with something new to offer for families with children and sure-footed hikers.

Take a fresh look at Sodankylä

Please note that these hiking destinations and routes are most suitable for summer and autumn hikes, unless otherwise mentioned.

4 + 1 gorgeous destinations

The Pappilanniemi riverbank route and nature walk

The Pappilanniemi riverbank route and nature walk is right in the town centre and its follows the Rivers Kitinen and Jeesiöjoki. The three-kilometre route will take you past an old Saami dwelling place, a grill site for hikers and swings for children. The route is easy to walk and can be completed by all the family. Tip! Start your walk at the car park by the old church (map) and take in the beautiful little church with its tar aroma. This route is open year-round.

The Paavonpolku nature path

The Paavonpolku nature path is a 1.9-2.7 km circle walk through Lapland forest and river landscapes. This is a manged footpath with plenty of information signs along the way. At the very beginning of the route there is a shelter in a beautiful spot on the bank of the River Orajoki, and later on there is also a shelter. The path begins just a 10 km drive from Sodankylä (map).


Ilmakkiaapa is a familiar spot to drivers by Route 4, and definitely worth a stop. This short, half-kilometre duckboard walk leads from Route 4 (map) to the shore of Lake Ilmakkijärvi, which has a birdwatching tower in the middle of a beautiful bog and lake landscape. There is an information board at the start of the route. There are no picnicking opportunities here.


Viiankiaapa is a beautiful large bog, signposted from Route 4, where a duckboard walkway leads to a viewing tower. The route is a 4.3 km long circle walk and the route has a hut. The route begins 25 km from Sodankylä and just a couple of kilometres from Route 4 (map). Tip! Visit Viiankiaapa early in the morning in summer or autumn, when the feeling of the big, fresh bog is at its most magical!

A 7 km circle route in the Sompio Nature Park leads to Pyhä-Nattanen, and there is a lean-to and place to light a fire along the way. On the top of Nattanen you can find stone tors, a fire guard’s shelter and uninterrupted views in all directions. Please note, that there is no possibility to make fire on the top. The most direct route to the top begins here. Remember that this area is a nature park, meaning you cannot leave the marked paths.

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