Accommodation Campsites

In Sodankylä you can find campsites in Orakoski, the town centre and Kakslauttanen. In addition, many local accommodation providers have camping spots.

Campsites in Sodankylä

Sodankylä has three campsites that serve tourists in central locations near the Quadrants. By camping in Sodankylä, you can enjoy the unhurried atmosphere of real Lapland and the magnificent nature is only a step away. Enjoy also fire, swimming and sauna.

The southernmost is Camping Orakoski in a beautiful location by the river and Camping Nilimella is close to the city centre. Both campsites have cottages and a beach, and there is also a sauna in Orakoski. In Orakoski, tourists can enjoy the peace of nature further away from the bustle of the village and a fire in a lean-to on the shore. In front of the Nilimella campsite is one of the best beaches in Sodankylä with volleyball courts and terraces.

In North Sodankylä, KaksCaravan operates  in the scenery of Kakslauttanen, near Kiilopää. Located on the banks of the Kakslauttanen River, the campsite is an excellent and central base for lovers of the scenery of Koilliskaira. In KaksCaravan you can enjoy the steam of the lakeside sauna. Hiking, skiing and snowmobile trails are right next door, and Urho Kekkonen National Park is only six kilometers away.

Many other accommodation establishments in Sodankylä also have camping places. Caravanners are welcome to stay overnight e.g. Peurasunto Holiday Village, Vuotson Maja and Tankavaara Gold Village. All these sites are located along the Quadrant (E75). For those travelling in the direction of Luosto, a rest stop is made possible by Luosto Caravan Park.

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