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In Sodankylä, you can play frisbee golf on the slopes of both Kommattivaara hill and the mighty Luostotunturi fell.

Frisbee golf on hill and fell!

Kommatti (Kommattivaara) is near the town centre

Kommatti DiscGolfPark is a free, challenging and forested course on the slope of Kommattivaara hill, a few minutes’ drive from the town centre of Sodankylä. The course, opened in 2014, has 21 holes and plenty of height differences. The places for throwing the frisbees are grass-covered. The course has long uphill sections and challenging downhill greens, suitably, one after the other.

Address: Kommatintie 2.  Download the map here.

At Luosto you can play on the fell slope

Luosto DiscGolfPark is an 18-hole, free AA1-class frisbee golf course. The course is suitable for players of all levels and can be a challenge for the most experienced players. A game lasts two or three hours and advances up the fell slope and then down again. An alternative is the hour-long Luosto Loop (Luoston Lenkki), which is very suitable for families with children. If you do not have your own frisbees, you can borrow them from local companies when you leave a deposit.

Address: Off-Piste, Luosto. Read more: Download the map here.

At Syväjärvi you can play on forest course

Syväjärvi has an 18-hole course established in 2020 and renewed in 2023, which can also be played as a 9-hole. Syväjärvi has an easy-to-walk course that follows an illuminated jogging path. The course has both challenging winding lanes and easier straight lanes.

Address: Urheilukentäntie, 99740 Sodankylä. Further information (in Finnish):

You can also throw in Vaalajärvi

Vaalajärvi frisbee golf course is a nice 9-hole forest course. The course is quite technical, with a lot of tight, relatively short lanes.

Address: Vuonaspurantie 33. Further information (in Finnish):

The Tankavaara discgolfpark is suitable for beginners

An 18-hole course suitable for beginners has been completed in Tankavaara’s gold village in 2021. The holes are short, but technically a bit tough.

Address: Tankavaarantie 31, 99695 Sodankylä. Further information (in Finnish):

At Vuotso you can play in heath terrain

In Vuotso centre is 9-hole discgolfpark forest course, the course opened in 2022.

Address: Ivalontie 8712, 99690 Sodankylä. Further information (in Finnish):

The holes on the Jääkäriprikaatti discgolfpark are versatile

Jääkäriprikaatti discgolfpark is an 18-hole. The holes are versatile. Parking only in the parking lot or in the parking lot of the military home. Area used by the Defense Forces. If the course has an exercise, skip the course.

address: Kyläjärventie, 99600 Sodankylä. Further information (in Finnish):

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