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Stay in the middle of the most beautiful part of Lapland in a cabin, easily and comfortably. Wake up in peace in a snug cabin under the big sky of Sodankylä

Cabins and Cabin villages in Sodankylä

There are several cabin villages in beautiful places by the water and surrounded by natural calm in Sodankylä. You can find cabin accommodation in all directions: you can leave the town centre and head towards Ivalo, Rovaniemi, Unari, Kemijärvi, Savukoski or Kemijärvi and have a cosy, peaceful cabin of your own to sleep in.

Along Route E75 you’ll find the Peurasuvanto Holiday Village and the Tankavaara Gold Village cabins. You can enjoy the calm of the countryside in the Kierinki holiday village, the Hirviäkurun Vuontistuvat cabins on Lake Orajärvi or as a guest of Purnumukka Cabin and Reindeer Services. In addition, Orakoski Camping and Camping Nilimella have cabins. All these campsites are either on Route E75 or near it.

Countless cabin opportunities online

You can use cabin booking websites to find a huge range of cabins in Sodankylä, all the way from Luosto to Koilliskaira and Unari to Lokka. All you have to decide is what kind of landscape you want to wake up in in the morning and whether you want the luxury of a resort or perhaps the more no-frills peace and quiet of nature – there are plenty of good options.

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