Activity Sauna

Under the sky of Lapland the sauna steam feels better than normal. Experience the calm of a sauna raft, the heat of a smoke sauna or one of the hotel saunas in the town.

Saunas in Sodankylä

Town centre

In the town centre, saunas are heated every evening at both Hotel Sodankylä and Hotel Karhu, and are also available to non-hotel guests. In Loito Oy’s log lakeside sauna, you can enjoy the peace of nature and the river view right next to the city centre. You can also inquire about sauna facilities at Camping Nilimella.


Lake Orajärvi is a beautiful, large lake only 15 kilometers from the centre of Sodankylä. The landscape of the lake is dominated by the wild Oratunturi, whose peaks slope to heights north of Lake Orajärvi.

In Orajärvi you can book a lakeside sauna  and a sauna raft from Vuontistuvat. On the sauna ferry, you can admire the fell landscape, the blue glittering Lake Orajärvi and the unbreakable peace of Lapland while enjoying the steam and silence. Take a dip from the ferry to swim in the fresh waters of Lapland!


At the foot of Kommattivaara there is a lakeside sauna on the shore of a beautiful, wilderness pond. In the same yard you will also find a beach hut and a hut, which can also be rented for private use. Kommattivaara is located about a 10-minute drive from the centre of Sodankylä. You can take a dip in both summer and winter, as there is an ice hole by the sauna in winter. Reservations in advance. Learn more here.


In addition to saunas, Luosto’s Amethyst Spa offers a swimming pool and a selection of relaxing treatments. You can also enjoy the steam of the smoke sauna in the middle of the fells at Karu-Lodge, where the smoke sauna, heated to order, is located on the shore of a beautiful pond. You can find more information about Luosto’s sauna and ice swimming opportunities at


In Tankavaara, you can enjoy a private sauna all year round in Tankavaara Gold Village, where you can safely enjoy the steam after familiarizing yourself with the Finnish sauna etiquette of the Tankavaara sauna.


In Kakslauttanen, for example, you can access the world’s largest smoke sauna, which heats up to order, and in winter you can also go take a dip in the ice. More information can be found here.

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