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Enjoy the luxury of a hotel in Sodankylä, either in the fell landscapes of Luosto or near the services of the town centre.

Hotels in Sodankylä and Luosto

Staying in a hotel is easy and hassle-free, whether you’re staying for one night or longer. In the centre of Sodankylä you can find the Hotel Sodankylä and the Budget Hotel Karhu. Both are just a short walk from the bus station and the shops, restaurants and other amenities of the town centre. The shops and restaurants of the town centre are also open in the evening, meaning that even if you arrive at your hotel late, you can still take a walk round the town centre.

In Luosto, the hotels are the Lapland Hotel Luostontunturi and Santa’s Hotel Aurora. Both are in the heart of the Luosto fell village surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of Ukko-Luosto. The paths and trails of the Pyhä-Luosto National Park, with their fire places, and the Luosto ski piste, are just next door. The village of Luosto has many other amenities, such as souvenir shops, equipment hire, a small grocery shop and restaurants.

The Lapland Hotels Luostotunturi is a spa hotel in which you can enjoy the wide range of pampering treatments in the amethyst spa. The theme of the Santa’s Hotel Aurora is the Northern Lights, and the hotel has a northern lights alert system and glass-walled cabins as a hotel room type.

Photo: Visit Pyhä-Luosto

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