Activity Geocaching

There are several geocaches in Sodankylä which can be found in both summer and winter. Enjoy the nature of Lapland while challenging yourself and your friends to finding geocaches without being noticed.

Geocaching in Sodankylä

Geocaching is a global outdoor sport in which people use satellite geolocation to help them look for various boxes hidden in the landscape.

There are several caches in Sodankylä which can be found in both summer and winter. You can find geocaches near the old church, on Kommattivaara hill, at Porttikoski rapids, on the Oratunturi fell and on Pittiövaara hill. In Luosto there are also local caches which are fun and easy for all the family to search for in a built-up area.

Remember! Secrecy is important in geocaching. When you search for and find a geocache, act the whole time in such a way that people nearby do not notice what you’re up to. Also, never reveal the exact location of a cache, for example online – give others the chance to have the same fun of treasure hunting that you had!

Geocaches are often hidden in places worth seeing. As you search for caches you may well find completely new and interesting places that you would not otherwise have found.

To begin geocaching, go to and create a free username and password for yourself, or log in with Facebook. After logging in, you can search for a list of Sodankylä geocaches, and when you find a new cache, you can record the find in your personal account.


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