Accommodation Igloos

The world’s most famous igloos are in Sodankylä. The reputation of Kakslauttanen has gone round the world, but did you know that Luosto also has igloos?

Glass Igloos in Sodankylä

Experience the Northern Lights dancing in the sky, the warm and bright light of the midnight sun, the amazing glow of the autumn colours and the blue endless night of the middle of winter by staying in luxury in your own glass igloo. You can find glass igloos in the fell landscape of Luosto in southern Sodankylä, and in Kakslauttanen, amid the atmosphere of the northern Sodankylä and Koilliskaira wilderness. Both sites are next to a national park: from Kakslauttanen you can enter the Urho Kekkonen National Park and from Luosto the Pyhä-Luosto National Park, instantly putting yourself in the heart of the slender spruces and untouched Lapland nature.

Kakslauttanen already has a legendary reputation

In northern Sodankylä, off Route E75, there is an area of famous glass igloos surrounded by the landscapes of gold country. In addition to glass igloos, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort also has pine cabins, some of which have a glass-roofed, igloo-style bedroom to allow you to admire the Northern Lights and the Lapland sky. When you stay in Kakslauttanen, the nature of the Urho Kekkonen National Park and the gorgeous trails of Kiilopää are on your doorstep.

In Luosto, the glass cabins of Santa’s Hotel Aurora await

In Luosto Santa’s Hotel Aurora offers glass igloo – or rather glass cabin – accommodation. These 10 luxurious, glass-walled cabins were opened to the public in 2015. You can stay in them year-round, and just a few steps from your won luxurious cabin you’ll find all the other hotel amenities, such as the breakfast buffet and the restaurant. Experience the wonders of the Pyhä-Luosto National Park on an unforgettable day trip, and when evening comes retire to a glass cabin to put your feet up and enjoy the light show offered by the sky of Lapland. Photos of the glass cabins are from Santa´s Hotel Aurora.