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In Sodankylä you can experience the nature of Lapland in an uncomplicated fashion, picnicking on the river bank as part of a day trip to remember or a longer wilderness hike.

Hiking & Trekking

Sitting round the bonfire and climbing a viewing tower are the crowning moments of every trip. Here, we provide some tips on lakeshore fireplaces and short nature routes all over Sodankylä. It’s good to arrive at the fireplaces listed with your own firewood. They are sold in handy bags in the supermarkets in the town centre, among other places.

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  • The Pappilanniemi Nature Walk is close to the town centre of Sodankylä. There is also a sheltered fireplace on it and swings for kids.
  • On the shore of Lake Kelujärvi you will find a half-shelter and changing cabins. Have a picnic and a dip in this beautiful spot beside a quiet road.
  • On the shore of River Riipijoki in a beautiful spot there is a half-shelter, a fireplace and a slipway with serene bog and lake views.
  • In Unari on the lake shore there is a shelter and fireplace.
  • In Ilmakkiaapa there is a 500-metre nature trail which brings you back to your starting point. No fireplace.
  • In Tankavaara there is for example 1 and 3-kilometre nature paths in the kingdom of the slender spruces. There is a fireplace by the gate at the start of the paths.
  • In Luosto on the shore of Lake Ahvenlampi there is a shelter maintained by the Metsähallitus with firewood and a lake and fell viewing point.

The finest day trip destinations in Sodankylä

In different parts of Sodankylä, also outside the national parks, there are amazing day trip destinations. Some of the sites, such as Ilmakki and Viiankiaapa, are well suited even for inexperienced nature lovers. For skilled wilderness walkers, there are several wilderness destinations, such as the handsome Kaarestunturi area. Read more about Sodankylä day trip destinations here.

Experience the lovely Paavo’s path nature trail

About a 10-minute drive from the centre of Sodankylä, along Orajärventie, there is a roadside sign that turns left onto a dirt road. At the end of the road there is a parking space and the starting gate of Paavo’s path (map).

A 110-metre-long unobstructed path leads to the Jokilaavu lean-to by the Orajoki River. There is also an accessible toilet and wood storage in the vicinity of the lean-to. The accessible route is not in use in winter.

From the river lean-to, you can proceed along the Paavo’s trail along duckboards and paths, either following a shortcut about 1.9 km long or following a circular trail about 2.7 km long. You can also grab a few geocaches along the way!

There is another fire place on the route, Jänkälaavu, which has a toilet and wood storage.

On the way, you can see information boards that tell about forestry, birds and animals, among other things. In addition, you can get acquainted with the smells and sounds of the forest and hug Ikänestori-tree.

Find the natural sights of Sodankylä

The Pyhä-Luosto and Urho Kekkonen National Parks cover a significant proportion of the municipality of Sodankylä. Several firms operate in both parks, offering safaris and hiking equipment for hire, among other things. Read more:

Check out the map markings for the trails here: information map.
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