Activity Reindeer safaris and Reindeer Farm visits

When visiting a reindeer farm you can feed and photograph reindeer, go on a reindeer safari and learn more.

Meet the adorable reindeers in Sodankylä!

By visiting a reindeer farm you can see a completely new side of Lapland. The reindeer in the farms that are aimed at tourists are tamer than usual: they might even run up to greet you in the hope of getting a treat. And on reindeer farms there usually is the possibility of feeding reindeer from the hand for a small fee. For reindeer, the biggest treat is lichen, but they are often fed pellets, too. A reindeer’s round muzzle is cute and furry.

One amazing experience is to get into a sleigh and enjoy the landscapes and atmosphere of Lapland in the most local way possible – by being pulled by a reindeer! In southern Sodankylä, in the Luosto area, there are two reindeer parks: the Jaakkola reindeer farm and Kopara reindeer farm. Both cater for groups and independent travellers. Please note that you must book a visit to the Jaakkola reindeer farm on the previous day, at the latest.

On both farms, Kopara and Jaakkola, you can buy souvenirs and taste some authentic local food.

In Kersilö Living with reindeer offers a traditional and authentic experience to visit in the middle of freely grazing reindeer herd. There you can experience the everyday life of a reindeer herder for a while, feeding the reindeer, chatting and enjoying a local snack by the open fire.

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