Activity Bird Watching

Did you know that you can even see a mighty white-tailed sea eagle in Sodankylä? The municipality has several bird towers where you can spot birds and take in the beautiful views.

Climb the tower to birdwatch

From the birdwatching and nature towers of Sodankylä you can admire the winged creatures living in the bog and lake landscapes. From the firm tower on the shore of the Lokka reservoir you might be able to spot a huge white-tailed sea eagle, while from the towers of Ilmakkiaapa and Viiankiaapa you are more likely to see bog birds.

Tower tips

The Sodankylä birdwatching and nature towers offer great nature experiences for all the family. Pack some snacks and remember your camera when you head for a birdwatching tower. In the autumn, before the snow comes, the towers offer the amazing opportunity of looking not just at the migratory birds but also at the first Northern Lights.

The map link opens when you click the name of a tower.

  • The Lokka birdwatching tower on the shore of the Lokka reservoir. No fireplace.
  • The Ilmakkiaapa tower in the open swamp landscapes on the shore of Lake Ilmakkijärvi. No fireplace.
  • The Sompiojärvi tower in the Sompio nature park on the shores of Lake Sompiojärvi. Several fireplaces.
  • The Viiankiaapa tower on the edge of a marsh. Nearby there is a shelter and a fireplace.
  • The Siurunmaa tower on the other edge of the Viiankiaapa marsh, with a shelter and fireplace.

In Lapland you should keep your eyes peeled at all times, as a northern hawk owl, for example, could sit on a treetop in the middle of the day, watching people go about their business. Game fowl, such as capercaillies and black grouse, can sometimes be found standing in surprising places – often in the middle of the road. They are incapable of avoiding cars. When walking quietly across the bogs you may be able to observe the life of the mighty crane.

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