Activity Canoeing and paddleboarding

For the canoeist, kayaker and paddleboarders, Sodankylä’s wild forest rivers, coursing through wide boggy areas, open up a landscape that few have seen.


Stand-Up Padling means paddling standing up, and even so, the style is free. You can paddle not only standing, but also sitting or kneeling. On top of the SUP board you can also do yoga or just lie down and enjoy the peace of nature and beautiful river views. When you go paddleboarding, keep a few things in mind:

  1. Be happy to go with a friend
  2. Always wear at least a flotation vest and attach a runaway strap
  3. Tell someone about your departure and when you will return
  4. Pack the necessary equipment for the trip in a waterproof bag – remember the bottle of water!
  5. Know where you’re paddleboarding
  6. Check that you have the Suomi 112 app on your phone, because if you get in trouble and call the emergency number, the app will locate your location!

More safety instructions for paddleboarding can be found on the website of the Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation.

In Sodankylä, SUP boards are rented by Sompion Samoilijat.


Sodankylä is full of beautiful, wild rivers that are plentiful in fish and perfect for beginners and children with families. Some routes also offer more challenging rapids sections, which are suitable for more experienced canoeists and kayakers. Here you can find a couple of canoeing routes. Travel on waterways at your own risk.

It’s worth planning fishing as a part of a canoeing or kayaking trip. Make sure your licences are up to date before your trip, see

You can rent equipment from Sompion Samoilijat ry or Loito Oy.

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