Accommodation Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast is a simple and pleasant way to stay on your travels. In Sodankylä you can find both B&Bs and Airbnb rentals.

B&B in Sodankylä

A B&B is an easy and inexpensive way to stay in a homey setting amidst the Lapland landscapes. When you stay at a B&B, amenities often include more than a room and breakfast – a sauna, for example.

In Vuojärvi in Sodankylä, you can stay in Päivin pirtti, a courtyard preserved from the early 1900s, where you can also enjoy the delicacies of the café. In the scenic village of Sattanen, B&B accommodation is arranged by Homestay. In North Sodankylä, B&B Vuotson Maja is renowned, from whose shelter it is nice to head outdoors, for example, to the landscapes of the golden lands of Lapland. All of these destinations are located along or near Nelotie, which means that they are easy to reach even by bus.

Airbnb in Sodankylä

Airbnb is a hassle-free way to find and rent interesting accommodation online. The range of Airbnb options in Sodankylä includes rooms, cabins and whole house in the town centre and near the Urho Kekkonen and Pyhä-Luosto National Parks, with prices starting at a very reasonable level.

Find all the Sodankylä area’s Airbnb options here. Note that before you book you can get to know the host’s history by reading comments and reviews left by previous guests.

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