All over Sodankylä there are lovely Lapland shops, and in the town centre there are also large grocery shops. As souvenirs of Sodankylä you should buy amethyst, gold and, of course, reindeer meat in some form.

You can shop for souvenirs and gifts in the shops of Luosto, the Tankavaara Gold Village and Museum and, of course, the town centre. Because coffee and shopping go hand in hand, many shops have a café. Along Route E75, wares, clothes and edible treats are sold by Potkuriparkki on the River Raudanjoki, Antinmerja in Aska, Zippi & Suhaus in Porttipahta and Café Harianna on the River Yläpostojoki.

Buy local! Tips for gifts from Sodankylä:

  • Gold. There could hardly be a finer souvenir or gift than gold. Gold is sold, for example, at the Tankavaara Gold Prospector Museum and Village.
  • Amethysts. Luosto, in Sodankylä, is home to Europe’s only amethyst mine. You can buy amethysts in the local shops or visit the mine to go in search of your own precious stone.
  • Linen. Pirita Design makes beautiful linen garments inspired by the fell nature of Sodankylä.
  • Reindeer. You can buy items made of reindeer in souvenir shops. In the town centre you’ll find the Kylmänen factory shop, which sells reindeer treats.
  • Hunting knife (puukko). The true Lapland traveller of course carries a hunting knife made in Lapland. Companies manufacturing hunting knives in Sodankylä include Riipi Puukko.

Find sport clothes and outdoor equipment

The sport stores of the town centre offer a wide range of clothes and equipment that are ideal for exploring the nature of Lapland. Find high-quality, stylish clothes and equipment to take with you on a summer fishing trip or a winter snow-shoe walk, for example. 

A good selection of the basics in the shops in the town centre

The Sodankylä town centre has several grocery shops which are good places to stock up on picnic supplies. In the town centre you can buy both food familiar in the south of Finland and reindeer and local fish. In addition to a wide range of groceries and everyday supplies, the larger supermarkets also sell souvenirs, hiking and picnicking supplies, and sacks of firewood in convenient sizes. The Alko alcohol shop is next to the K-Supermarket Pohjantähti, the pharmacy is in the town centre next to the S-Market and there is a hardware store on Ivalontie just north of the town centre.

In addition to these, Sodankylä has a good selection of small specialised shops.

There are three ATMS in the town centre, one on Jäämerentie, one at the S-market and one at the K-Supermarket Pohjantähti.


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