Transport Getting to Sodankylä is easy

You can easily get to Sodankylä by public transport or in your own car. The nearest airports are Kittilä, Rovaniemi and Ivalo. From them you can continue to Sodankylä by bus.

Rest on the way – come to Sodankylä by public transport

Car train

The car train allows you to reach the north easily: you can sleep through the night, but when you arrive you still have the freedom that comes with your own car. You can take the car train to either Rovaniemi or Kemijärvi, each of which is only about a 1.5-hour drive to Sodankylä. See the schedule at


You can take the train to Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi and then catch a bus to either Sodankylä or Pyhä-Luosto. Check out  ja


You can arrive in Sodankylä by bus from anywhere in Finland. The Sodankylä bus station is in the centre of the town. See the bus schedule at



ou can fly easily to Kittilä, Ivalo or Rovaniemi and then continue to Sodankylä by bus from the airport. Check out bus connections at


Your own car or bicycle gives you freedom

The E75, more commonly known as Route 4, runs from the south through Rovaniemi straight to Sodankylä, from where it continues from the south of the municipality all the way into Inari. You can also arrive in Sodankylä by car from Kittilä, Kemijärvi, Savukoski, Pelkosenniemi, Saariselkä and Ivalo.

You can find electric car charging points in the centre of Sodankylä at the Neste Mokko service station (address: Lompolontie 2), at Seo service station (address: Rovaniementie 3) and at welfare-center Sopukka (address: Karistamontie 4), and also in norther Sodankylä at Vuotson Maja, Vuotso (address: Ivalontie 8775).

You can rent a car in Sodankylä from Seo Sodankylä service station.

Long-distance cyclists often cycle through the municipality of Sodankylä from end to end on their way to Utsjoki and the North Cape. The route that goes through here to the northernmost tip of Europe is the shortest.

Driving in Lapland

Prepare for winter

In Lapland the winter starts earlier and finishes later than in the south. Even good driving conditions can change suddenly. In addition, far from all roads in Lapland are salted. Before you leave think about whether you might need winter tyres, and, if you’re not sure, contact the Tourist Information Office.

Prepare for the cold

Keep extra warm clothes in your car in winter in case your car breaks down and you need to wait for help. A portable charger or booster is a good piece of spare equipment to have when driving in the cold Lapland winter. In sub-zero temperatures, use the first gear instead of the handbrake, as the handbrake may freeze.

Do not stop in the road

Never stop anywhere where your car could cause a danger to other road users, including for photographs. The roads of Lapland are used by a lot of heavy vehicles with long braking distances. Even if there are reindeer by the roadside or the Northern Lights appear in the sky, only ever park your car in a safe place. If you don’t see a risk-free place to park, don’t stop.


Stay alert

A good aid for remaining cautious about reindeer is the Porokello reindeer alert app. It will not alert you about every reindeer, however, so the most important things are a moderate speed and that the driver is observant. In addition to reindeer, a lot of moose also travel on the roads in Lapland, and they can appear in front of your car very quickly. A moose is many times heavier and taller than a reindeer. Moose mostly move about in the morning and evening twilight.

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