Activity Snowmobile safaris

Some of the gems of the Sodankylä snowmobile routes are Oratunturi, Tankavaara and Luosto. If you don’t have a snowmobile of your own, go on a safari!

You should choose the type of snowmobiling in accordance with your level. A beginner should take part in a snowmobile safari, where he or she can drive an easy-to-use snowmobile safely with a guide and the rest of the group. You can find snowmobile safaris at Luosto operated by Lapland Safaris and in Tankavaara you have the opportunity to go on a Northern Lights sleigh ride with a snowmobile. A more experienced snowmobiler can play his or her own route via picnic spots, among others. When you operate a snowmobile, follow all rules and have consideration for others.

Never drive onto ice if you are not sure of its strength.

Remember that in Finland you are only allowed to leave a snowmobile route with the landowner’s permission. Stopping on the route is also considerably safer and easier than off the route. There are signs along the route telling you where you are. This means that if your snowmobile gets a technical fault or something else unexpected happens it is easy to call for help.

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