Stomach rumbling? Enjoy real Lapland treats and familiar favourites in the restaurants of Sodankylä. When travelling on the E75 in summer you really should pop in somewhere for some cloudberry jam crepes.

In the centre of Sodankylä you can eat lunch at the famous Päivin Kammari, the Hotelli Karhu and the Ruska restaurant at the bus station. In the Hotelli Sodankylä an à la carte menu is available. If you have a hankering for some coffee and cake, you should drop into the Pipari café and confectioner’s, Café Nasta, Päivin Kammari or the Café Andreas in the municipal building. 

In addition, Sodankylä has a range of fast-food places, such as pizzerias and hamburger restaurants, which are open every day, including late in the evening. Some of the fast-food places are at service stations in or near the town centre.

In Tankavaara, the legendary Wanha Waskoolimies restaurant serves food with a local twist.

Luosto has several restaurants and coffee shops, such as the Lampivaara amethyst mine café, the Torvisen Maja ski-trail café and the Knööli restaurant on the fell slope. The Lapland Hotel Luostotunturi also has its own restaurants. Read more about the Luosto restaurant and café selection here.

Tip! Along Route E75, from the south of the municipality of Sodankylä to the north, there are several places serving food, which also serve small savoury snacks and souvenirs. Stop for some summery cloudberry jam crepes and coffee! The coffee shops are clearly marked along Route E75.

Check the opening hours of the establishments beforehand online.

Photo: Tankavaara Gold Village / Marko Lauronen

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