See & explore Museum-gallery Andreas Alariesto

In the Museum-gallery Andreas Alariesto you can see the works of a famous naive artist Andreas Alariesto. The permanently on display collection is owned by Kauko Sorjonen -foundation.

Museum-gallery Andreas Alariesto

Andreas Alariesto (1900–1989) was a great visual artist, recorder of folk tradition, photographer, craftsman and songwriter. His colourful, vibrant and naive paintings pull the viewer into the authentic feeling and romance of Lapland of yesteryear. You can find the Museum-gallery Andreas Alariesto right in the heart of Sodankylä, between the church and the reindeer statue.

Museum-gallery Andreas Alariesto was opened at the summer of 1986. Andreas Alariesto died in 1989.

Did you know? Andreas Alariesto was from the village of Riesto in northern Sodankylä. In the 1960s, Riesto was covered by the Lokka reservoir. You can find a monument to Andreas Alariesto in the centre of the beautiful little village of Lokka, on the southern shore of the reservoir.

Andreas was known for his hard-working attitude, and he had a gift for producing lots of things with his hands. After he married the love of his life, Riikka, his artistic skill suddenly found new dimensions and he began to paint. Unlike with many artists, Alariesto’s works began to be appreciated during his lifetime. His first art exhibition was held in Helsinki in 1976, and it was a success.

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The area of Sodankylä, Savukoski and Pelkosenniemi is known as Sompio Lapland. At the Museum-gallery Andreas Alariesto pictures, paintings and stories by the artist himself will help you peek into the Sompio life and culture of days gone by. The landscapes, reindeer and old Saami way of life are depicted in the works to brilliant effect.

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