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In Sodankylä you can easily find a ski trail in the town centre and in the surrounding forests. For skiers who want the freedom of unbroken snow, there is an endless amount of space available.

Cross country skiing & Skating

In Sodankylä, there are networks of ski trails both near the town centre and in the fell centres. The length and difficulty levels of the trails vary. Along some trails there are cabin cafés serving delicious trail snacks.

Ski in the centre of Sodankylä

The ski trails of the town centre are a great option for people staying in the city centre. An extremely accessible and rather short trail runs along the bank of the River Kitinen, north of the Kemijärventie bridge. There is a long, varied trail network with forest sections to the west of Sodankylä, in the direction of the army barracks, as well as on the east side on Kommattivaara hill, to which a trail from the built-up town centre leads.

You can find the ski trails of Sodankylä town centre and their current condition on the Sodankylä information map.

You can also go skating in the town centre. There is an ice rink on Pekanranta.

Fells and cabin cafés await in Luosto

There are plenty of ski trails in the gorgeous fell and slender spruce forest landscapes of the Luosto area. Local tourist firms hire out and service skis, meaning going skiing couldn’t be easier. Many trails crisscross the area near the Ukko-Luosto fell and you can choose a section to your liking. There are also a lot of picnic spots along the trails – remember to pack peanuts or white bread in case you meet a Siberian jay. Experienced skiers can even ski from Pyhä to Luosto, or in the other direction.

The Pyhä-Luosto National Park has a total of 150 km of ski trails. Pyhä and Luosto are linked by ski trail, so you can ski the 35 km from one fell to another and return on the SkiBussi bus.

See the Pyhä-Luosto ski trails at, and InfoGIS-mapservice.

Tip! Stopping for a treat at a cabin café can be the high point of your skiing day. Stop by at Ski Café Torvisen maja, Lampivaara café, Kopara or  Ski restaurant Knööli.

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