See & Explore Mosku yard

Alaponku Farm is one of the few preserved wilderness houses in Sompion Lapland. The residential field is located in the northeast corner of the Lokka reservoir. Along these roads, new houses were established along the upper headwaters of the Luiro River in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Alaponku Farm alias Mosku yard

An architectural and scenic entity that reflects the wilderness farms sphere of life, where reindeer herds have played an important role. There are few wilderness farms that have been preserved and restored with such care.  The site has significant personal history value as Mosku’s former residence.

Who was Mosku? The wilderness legend Mosku or Aleksanteri Hihnavaara was a reindeer herder and wilderness man from 1882 to 1938 in Sompio. You can read about the legend of Mosku on Moskus website, for example.

You can visit Reindeer Emperor Moskus home and living field on request. The guide on the trip is Tapani Hietanen, who spent his childhood in the yard of the house. You can read more information and atmosphere on site in the Retkipaikka article tai Moskun website.


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