See & explore Sodankylä New Church

The new and old church areas in Sodankylä, with their tree-filled cemeteries and riverbanks, are always beautiful spots for walks.

Sodankylä New Church

The population of Lapland gradually rose during the 19th century. The old church of Sodankylä, built at the end of the 17th century, began to be too small. A larger church was needed.

Did you know? When Sodankylä received its own vicar in 1747, the area included Savukoski, Pelkosenniemi and Kittilä, in addition to modern-day Savukoski. Even though the area was very large, it had a population of just 700!

In 1852 Tsar Nicholas I approved the construction of a new church in Sodankylä with state funding, and it was decided that it would be built in the same churchyard as the old one. The plans for the church were later approved by Tsar Alexander II. The new church was consecrated at the end of October 1859 and still functions as the main church of the parish of Sodankylä.

Regular services are held in the church.

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