Näe & koe Village stories - a journey into the village culture of Lapland

Lapland Village Stories will take you on a fascinating journey into the local history and culture of six villages in Lapland.

Take a behind-the-scenes peek into the villages

You can now experience colourful village life through stories told by a local storyteller, on-site or digitally. In the Lapland Village Stories project, stories collected and chosen by the villagers based on their local history and village culture have been implemented in Sodankylä in Kierinki and Vuotso, Pelkosenniemi in Suvanto and Kairala, and in Oinas and Joutsijärvi villages in Kemijärvi. The stories are presented in the form of text, sound and video in the villages and in the central places of the villages and meaningful to the villagers. The topics of the videos are local everyday life, myths and ghost stories, funny incidents, history and legends.

The following villages offer tourists a glimpse into their fascinating history: 

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