Sounds of Luosto -festival

Classical music returns to the fells of central Lapland. This new four-day festival will be organized 29.7.-1.8.2021. The theme for the 2021 festival is nature and climate. In addition to music, the festival will also feature other side events.

The Sounds of Luosto – world class classical music in breathtaking surroundings

The Sounds of Luosto is a new series of events featuring classical music over four days set in the beautiful surroundings of Sodankylä, Mount Luosto and Mount Pyhä. The festival takes place annually. The first festival will be held in 2021.

The festival will present top Finnish and international artists in breath-taking locations in Lapland. The Sounds of Luosto follows in the footsteps of the renowned Luosto Classic -festival.

In addition to musical performances, the festival will also feature enrichment lectures and other side events.

The festival will occur on the same week as the Nuorten LuostoClassic music camp. Attenders of the Sounds of Luosto festival will also have the possibility to attend, among other events, the main concert of the music camp.

Organizing body: Kuusikko soi -association.

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