Sounds of Luosto -festival

Classical music returns to the fells of central Lapland. This festival will be organized 27.7.-31.7.2022. The festival is themed around stories and myths. In addition to music, the festival will also feature other side events.

The Sounds of Luosto – world class classical music in breathtaking surroundings

Music from stories and myths


2022’s festival is themed around stories and myths. The theme has allowed for a program with both music and tales from cultures around the world, including Sami stories from just in Luosto’s backyard.

Some of the concerts will be held in Sodankylä’s 330-year-old wooden church and the impactful natural amphitheatres of the Pyhä-Luosto region, including the stage on Ukko-Luosto, in Aittakuru, and at Tajukangas. Other performances will be held in various halls and art exhibitions in the area.

The core of the programming will consist of chamber music, both eternal classics and rarer gems. The festival will grant an opportunity for an audience to hear music that tells stories from the creation of the world to dances of death and metamorphosis.

Along the way, audiences will have the chance to participate in many multi-disciplinary performances, in addition to more traditional chamber and solo concerts.

The baseline for the programming has been to create concerts that are easy for the audience to approach, while also attempting to introduce them to new music that may bring them to exciting and surprising places.

The festival will also feature morning presentations for the first time, which will discuss the music of the day and introduce audiences to composers and works they may not have encountered before.


Organizing body: Kuusikko soi -association.

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