Events Gold Rush Run

Experience the exotic feeling of dog team racing in Tankavaara when beautiful dogs and skilled mushers compete for a real gold prize!

Gold Rush Run

The Gold Rush Run is a dog team race that lives up to its name – the winner always receives real gold! This competition, held in the gold country of Tankavaara, is a real sight for spectators. The dogs, full of enthusiasm, and their mushers, with their sights set on gold, create an authentic, memorable gold-rush feeling in the slender spruce and feel landscape of northern Sodankylä.

The event was first organised in 2014 and it has grown quickly. A good buzz and a relaxed atmosphere have attracted both the public and performers to enjoy the gold-rush feeling, accompanied by the excited barking of dogs and the beautiful weather of late winter-early spring. The authentic race atmosphere in the Tankavaara Gold Village, at the edge of the Urho Kekkonen National Park and Koilliskaira, makes the Gold Rush Run a race event second to one and an exotic experience for all visitors.

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