In the saddle of a bike you can experience Sodankylä in a new way, pedalling along peacefully and making plenty of stops. Paved roads lead from the town centre to enchanting rural villages.

Cycling in Sodankylä

Route E75 tips for the cyclist

There are many services available along the E75 or Route 4, and it’s worth the summer cyclist’s while stopping at some of these places. When coming from the south, souvenir shop and café Potkuriparkki and hostel Visatupa in Raudanjoki and before the town centre, in Aska Antinmerja souvenir shop welcomes the cyclist.  On the bank of the River Kitinen, there is the Camping Orakoski campsite.

In the town centre the cyclist can find supermarkets open till late, accommodation and restaurants. More services in Sodankylän yrityshakemisto.

When continuing northwards, there are comfortable rest stops by the water at Zippi & Suhaus and Café Harianna, both of which serve local delicacies and sell souvenirs. Worth to visit also Tankavaara Gold Village and Goldmuseum.

Accommodation options along the E75 include Camping Orakoski, Camping Nilimella, Peurasuvanto holiday village, Vuotson Maja B&B and Tankavaara Gold Village.

Experience the beauty and peace of the lake villages

All over Sodankylä there are beautiful, peaceful little village which are excellent for relaxing cycling as part of a long journey. In these areas tourists are few, so you can experience a central part of the real Lapland in a completely new way. See the hill and lake landscapes, admire picturesque old building and breath in the pure air of the Lapland forests. A paved road, which is pleasant to cycle, leads to the villages. 

Remember to take food and drink with you from the centre of Sodankylä or the E75 road, as most small villages do not have shops. Take your bathing suit, too, as most of the villages are on lakeshores. Many swimming beaches have managed fireplaces. Villages on lake shores in Sodankylä include Kelujärvi, Vaalajärvi, Riipi, Syväjärvi, Unari, Orajärvi and Lokka. 

The lakeshore villages of Sodankylä have picture-perfect landscapes.

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