The reservoirs of Lokka and Porttipahta offer an incomparable bounty of fish where you can catch a giant pike or some perch. In Sodankylä you can also fish for salmon, grayling and whitefish.

Come fishing in Sodankylä!

Sodankylä offers fishers lakes and rivers with their streams of brown trout. The best spots are to be found with the help of a local guide. The giant reservoirs of Lokka and Porttipahta are about 70 km north of the town centre. They give fishing their own special flavour, one that is made up of the fell wind and a wilderness feeling that even feels a little marine. 

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You can angle in the town centre

Angling with a worm as bait is part of the everyman’s rights, as is ice fishing. In the centre of Sodankylä you can angle on the bank of the River Kitinen, for example. Both rods and bait worms are sold in the summer in several supermarkets and service stations in the town centre. 

The beautiful lakeside villages of Sodankylä offer good possibilities for relaxing angling, for example with children. Here you can find a list of fireplaces on the lakeshore.

Fishing events in Sodankylä

Anglers can try their luck and skills in Sodankylä in the summer in the angling competitions organised on the River Kitinen and the Porttipahta reservoir. In the late winter-early spring you can take part in the Martinpilkki ice-fishing competition.


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