Watercross is an inseparable part of Lapland


Did you know that you can ride across water on a snowmobile? Next the centre of Sodankylä, on Nilimella beach, watercross races, a large sight, are held every summer.

Watercross is one of the Lapland summer’s showiest, loudest and most relaxed events. The event draws a large audience ranging from babies to grandparents to see experienced snowmobile riders compete for victory on the waves of the River Kitinen. The snowmobile is ridden on a specially defined course built on the river. Sometimes a lap doesn’t go as planned and the rider’s snowmobile sinks into the river. The rescue operation is a procedure all of its own and one that is closely linked to the sport.

There is commentary, so the first-time visitor can keep up. You can buy tickets at the venue. Every visitor should experience this summer event!

Watercross races are 3.8.2019.

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