Finnish Gold Panning Championships

See how pans are really used in the Finnish Gold Panning Championships in the Tankavaara Gold Village – you can even register to take part yourself.

Finnish Gold Panning Championships

Gold panners, their friends and spectators gather for the traditional Finnish Gold Panning Championships in Tankavaara, in the middle of the bright Sodankylä summer. Watch the true gold panners at work and see their expert panning work as the pressure mounts to find gold nuggets in the waters of the legendary Tankavaara gold country.

Tip! Do you dream of your own gold nugget? You can take part in the Championships yourself! Register in advance online. Anyone can take part, regardless of age or gender.

The event venue, the Tankavaara Gold Village, is without comparison. In the village you can get a real sense of the gold rush. The Wanha Waskoolimies restaurant and the Wild West Saloon banish hunger and thirst. Learn more about the history of gold mining and gold rushes in the impressive Tankavaara Gold Prospector Museum. You can buy your own pan or real gold as a souvenir! 

Did you know? The World Gold Panning Championships originated in Tankavaara, Sodankylä.


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