Gold Panning World Championships

Best gold panners of the world get together in Tankavaara Gold Village for Gold Panning World Championships in August 5th–10th.

Gold Panning World Championships 2019

Gold Panning World Championships are here again! The first World Championships were organized in Tankavaara Gold Village in 1977 with participants from all over the world.

Come to cheer in the audience or take part in the international and the most exciting competition of the gold country. There will be competition categories for everyone, for beginners and for more experienced gold panners.

The competition rules are simple: each competitor gets a bucket of sand with hidden gold nuggets and specks. The winner is the one who finds all the gold the fastest. Try to be accurate, the lost nuggets and specks means time penalty.

Finnish Gold Panning Championships will be organized in August 2th–3th.

In the legendary milieu of the heart of gold country you will find activities for the whole family.  You can try gold prospecting for example. Supervised activities for children are available in the afternoons from Tuesday to Friday, August 6th-9th. Children programme is free of charge. In the event tent and in the restaurant tent, Bar Nugget you will enjoy the live music every night during the championships.

Tankavaara Gold Village stands on the edge of the Urho Kekkonen National Park where you find the best routes to the nature experiences of the backwoods. In the Gold Prospector Museum you can join the story of gold and you will get a fascinating tour to the golden history.

Did you know!  The Finland’s president Urho Kekkonen was the honor guest of the first Gold Panning World Championships in 1977.   

Competition is free of charge for the audience.

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Photo: Marko Lauronen

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