Nature of the north

The Midnight sun

In Sodankylä the midnight sun can be enjoyed for up to a month and a half

Enjoy the midnight sun on the beach and fell

The midnight sun is a phenomenon that is difficult to understand if you have not experienced it for yourself. In Sodankylä the midnight sun can be enjoyed for up to a month and a half, from the last day of May until 14 July. During that time the sun does not drop below the horizon.

Tip! Events organised during the time of the midnight sun include the Midnight Sun Film Festival and the Midnight Sun Races.

In clear weather the sun shines all night. Because the light comes at an angle, it is very different from the light of noon: it is warm and yellowish. It is a joy to photograph it in the middle of nature. Climb a fell in the evening, for example in Luosto, Pyhä-Nattanen or Oratunturi with good snacks, proper shoes and a camera and derive all the joy you can from the Lapland landscapes bathed in the midnight sun. Remember to protect yourself against insects.

In the centre of Sodankylä it is worth watching the midnight sun on the banks of the River Kitinen, for example on the lovely Nilimella beach near the Kemijärventie bridge, or on the riverside walk to Pappilanniemi, which begins at the old church car park. 


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