In Sodankylä you can find campsites in Orakoski, the town centre and Kakslauttanen. In addition, many local accommodation providers have camping spots.

Campsites in Sodankylä

There are three campsites in Sodankylä serving travellers in central places near Route E75. When you camp in Sodankylä you can enjoy the real, stress-free Lapland atmosphere, and you’re just a step away from breath-taking nature. You can also enjoy picnicking, swimming and sauna.

Further south there is Camping Orakoski in a beautiful riverside location, and near the town centre there is Camping Nilimella. Both campsites have cabins and a beach. In Camping Orakoski there is also a sauna. In Orakoski travellers can enjoy the natural calm further away from the bustle of the town and picnic in a shelter by the water. In Nilimella, on the other hand, there is one of Sodankylä’s best swimming beaches, with volleyball courts and a terrace. 

In northern Sodankylä there is Luxia Caravan and Camping in the Kakslauttanen landscape, near Kiilopää. The campsite, on the banks of the River Kakslauttasjoki, is a perfect, central base for the friend of the Koilliskaira countryside. Luxia also has cabins and the possibility of enjoying the steam of a riverside sauna. Rambling, ski and snowmobile trails are nearby.

Many other Sodankylä accommodation providers have camping spots. Caravan owners are welcome to stay the night in such places as the Peurasuvanto Holiday Village, the Vuotson Maja and the Tankavaara Gold Village. All of these are located along the E75 road.

Camping Nilimella / Nilimella Oy

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+358 16 612 181
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Camping Orakoski

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+358 40 8582704
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Kieringin Lomakylä Oy

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+358 (0)40 8091610
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Saturday 11:00 - 16:00

Kiveliön Kala Ky

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Tankavaaran Kultakylä

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(016) 626 158
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