Villages in Sodankylä


There are 30 lively villages in Sodankylä. Take a deeper look to some of them! 




The name of Aska is a Sami language word for sheet ice. Back when Kitinen's Porttikoski rapid was not yet harnessed, it used to produce sheet ice. The inhabitants probably took their village's name from there. The Aska village is still very much in touch with the nature. The village has become famous for its artisans' and artists' skills. Aska is located by the E4 -road.


The Sodankylä centre is 16 kilometers north from Aska. Luosto Fell and River Kitinen, flowing through the village, add to Aska's charm. An ideal place for free-time activities, working and living.



Located in the middle of Sompio wilderness, is a vibrant village with a long history. It offers lots of opportunities for berry and mushroom picking, hunting and fishing. In the wintertime, a skidoo track runs through Lokka and along the Lake Lokka's beaches towards Saariselkä fell chain. The village is in close proximity to the UK-National Park. The village's roughly hundred inhabitants live in harmony with nature. The mostly carry on traditional businesses like fishing and reindeer husbandry.


There are lots of different event, and there are enough guides, restaurants, entertainment and accommodations even for a bigger groups. The people of Lokka welcome all visitors and cottagers to enjoy our fishing and hunting grounds here by the fells and the beautiful lake!


Kersilö, Moskuvaara, Petkula and Madetkoski

The villages are located north from Sodankylä centre, near excellent berry picking, hunting, fishing and hiking grounds. The villages offer many different fishing opportunities. You can go trolling, net fishing or go looking for trout and graylings from the smaller brooks. Villages have active hunting and fishing associations. The villages have available properties, where you can build your own home or holiday cabin on an idyllic location by the water. The starting point of Viiankiaapa Nature Trail is not far.



Village is 37 kilometers north from Sodankylä. River Sattas - River Soas paddling route goes through the village. Pahtavaara goldmine is 8 kilometers east of the village. Sattasvaara Hill and Kaarestunturi Fell offer great opportunities for hiking.



Sattanen is located 13 km north from Sodankylä on the E4-road. Sattanen is a vibrant, growing village. New homes are built every year on private and municipal properties.




Raudanjoki is a village characterized by entrepreneurship. Located on Sodankylä's Southern border by the E4 -road, neighbouring TORVINEN and VUOJÄRVI villages. Raudanjoki is in the league of its own.  There are not many other villages in Finland with so many entrepreneurs. Raudanjoki village consists of 27 houses, and 18 of them have working age inhabitants.


Raudanjoki has at least 15 active businesses - in the other words, in more than every other household there is someone running a company! The people of Raudanjoki don't moan about losing their jobs - they establish their own companies to employ themselves.




Riipi is located by the Sodankylä - Meltaus road, by the Lake Riipijärvi in Middle-Lapland. VAALAJÄRVI, HINGANMAA, SEIPÄJÄRVI, SASSALI, SYVÄJÄRVI and KIERINKI are its neighboring villages. Wide wildernesses offer excellent opportunities for berry picking, hunting and fishing. River Riipi, which has its source in Lake Riipijärvi, enables paddling treks. During winters, snowmobile tracks are available for those who feel like snowmobiling.




Kierinki village has remained a valuable cultural destination in the south-west of Sodankylä municipality. Most of the settlements and farmland in Kierinki are located on hilly slopes along the River Riipi. The village is a beautiful example of traditional northern building methods. The whole village was constructed using a single mode  of construction and building arrangement, the village is spacious and well-balanced. In addition, countryside close to the village provides distinctive and stunning landscape. Natural features in the terrain surrounding Kierinki include treeless fells, and a landscape framed by large granite hills, string fens and water bodies. The surrounding wilderness provides excellent opportunities for berry picking, trekking, fishing and hiking. The village events bring people from throughhout Lapland to its summer theatre festival or country fair. Kierinki's facilities include a village shop, taxi services, accommodation, holiday facilities, restaurant, program services and culture, all in a beautiful rural setting.

Kierinki Village (Facebook)




Unarin-Luusua is the southernmost of Sodankylä's lake villages. It is situated on the historical Lapland-Lanta border, by the Lake Unari. Wooded hills, the wide lake and the rivers and brooks flowing into it and the beautiful Meltauskoski rapid flowing away from it make the village a place of natural beauty, which gives a good starting point for building a good future. The aforementioned facts create a solid base on which the village's reindeer husbandry, country tourism and other businesses are founded on. The sights include the Unari Village Museum, the restored River Ulingas Mill at UIMANIEMI and the untamed Unarinköngäs rapid.




Sami people are the only indigenous people in the European Union. Finland's southernmost Sami village Vuotso (Vuohccu) is located by the E4 -road, in the northern part of the Sodankylä municipality. East of the village rises the awe-inspring Nattanen fell area.

Sompio Nature Park and Urho Kekkonen National Park border on the village. Vuotso Channel flows through the village, connecting Europe's biggest reservoirs, Lokka and Porttipahta, to each other. North of Vuotso is an old Sami village PURNUMUKKA and Tankajoki paddling route flows through the village.