Sodankylä Museum of Local History and Culture

                    Picture: Sodankylä Museum of Local History and Culture



The museum's main building in the original Kuukkeli house from Riesto village, built in 1906. When filling of the Lokka Reservoir began in the 60's, voluntary workers moved the house to its current location. The museum also has many other traditional Sodankylä-area buildings. These include a shed, a Lappish house, a calving hut, a cattle shelter, a granary and a part of reindeer fence known as the churn. The museum shows you how people used to live and make their living in Sodankylä.


The museum will give you an idea of agricultural way of living in Sodankylä in the past times. The area is situated by a beautiful bank of river Kitinen, only 2 km from the centre of Sodankylä.



Picture: Taina Saarenpää


Open: 23.5- 20.8.2017 from Tuesdao to Friday 12.00-18.00.

Other times on request tel. +358 (0)400 535 652.

Closed in the winter time.


Free entrance!



Hampputörmäntie 20, 99600 Sodankylä

Tel. +358 (0)40 765 3799

Other times on request tel. +358 (0)400 535 652


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