Andreas Alariesto: Muuttuva Kotalappi (Changing Hut-Lapland)

  Picture: Museo-Galleria Alariesto


Museum-Gallery Alariesto can be found right in the centre of Sodankylä, right next to the reindeer statue and the old church, in the Sodankylä House. The Museum-Gallery was opened in July 1986. The museum's permanent exhibition displays artist Andreas Alariesto's life and works. Museum-Gallery is maintained by Riikka and Andreas Alariesto's Lapinkuvat (Pictures of Lapland) Foundation and the Municipality of Sodankylä. The foundations's main goal is to take care of Alariesto's collected works and to preserve old Sompio's distinctive cultural tradition. Museum-Gallery has also a room for changing exhibitions.


There is Art lending in Museum-Gallery Alariesto's  changing exhibitions room.


We have handicrafts from local artisans in our Museum shop.  You can find handmade knives, racu ceramics, wool products and jewels.



Open:  Mon-Fri 9-16, other times on request.


Entrance fee:  Adults 5 €, children/student 3 €.

Group guide/driver for free.


Changing exhibitions



Jäämerentie 3


99600 Sodankylä


Tel. +358 (0)40 746 9776 

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